Engineering / Project Management

Indutrial Engineering


Industrial facility design

Feasibility assessment

Special industrial structures

Environmental impact assessments

Packaging fatilities

Cold storage warehouse

Industrial relocation

Plan destruction

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Water and swwerage

Effluent treatment systems


Sewer reticulations

Storm water

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Industrial layout

Layout development

Production line design and modelling

Production rate balancing

Plant procurement 


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Electrical engineering

Electrical installations

Lighting design

Power generation plant

Data control systems

Uninterruptible supply

Alternative energy design


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Mechanical engineering

Compressed air

Air conditioning

Mechanical ventilation

Air filtering

Climate control


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Civil structural engineering

Earthworks and foundation feasibility

Structural design

Storm water

Reload and paving design


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Project Management


Monitoring and controlling

Register of ongoing activities

Quality control

Coast forecast through periodic

Coast reports

Program management

Take actions to correct potencial deviations

Provide feedback for the ongoing project phases

Change management

Risk management

Compilation of relevant information


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Close up

Commissioning of the installations

Compilation and archiving of the relevant documentation

Handbook necesarry for the operation of the system

Issue of warranties, maintenance plans and certifications

Contract closure, final account and administrative closure


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Briefing and review of existing operations

Survey of the needs and context conditions

Definition of project responsabilities

Procurement of consultants

Concept design

Provisional budget


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Planning and design

System design

Coordination and integration of the system

Prototype implementation

Functional evaluation

Analysis of constraints

Definition of quality standards


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Tender and selection of contractors and suppliers

Contract management

Coordination of team and resources


Coast engineering

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