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How do photovoltaic farms work?

PV panels are installed on roofs that can support an overload of 17 k / m2, or are founded on the ground, in places with sunlight exposure.
The panels can also be part of an architectural design, skylights or glazed facades, even with a weaker power yield, they can replace standard windows with an additional return in the electrical bill.
The power is injected into the public grid with a reverse meter measuring the energy going in and out, to balance the bill.



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A new service

This new division aims at the design, supply and of PV generation systems.

Our team of specialists is in charge of the engineering and design of the electrical issues, as well as the coordination with architecture and structural engineering frequently involved.


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Who is it addressed to?

The photovoltaic generation projects are aimed at companies that have significant electricity consumption and are eligible for the tax benefits that reward the implementation of clean energy projects.


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How to contact us


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