Laguna blanca house

The Laguna Blanca project arises from the demand of a foreign client to build a summer house located in the Bikini area.

The orientation of the land to the sea, where the route and the beach pass by were one of the conditions that L3 Architecture faced when it came to the construction. Likewise, the elongated shape characteristic of the land, raised the challenges of achieving sight in spaces such as the living and dining room and avoid a long journey to access one of the headwaters of the house.

The analysis of these conditions, led to our study to propose to the client the realization of a mix; Laguna Blanca is a house structured in several volumes.

El acceso central se ubica en el medio, no dando para el frente ni para el fondo. Desde ese medio, hacia el frente se encuentran los espacios sociales. Del medio hacia la calle que da acceso al barrio, están los ambientes de servicio, la cocina y un patio interior, el que posee piscina in/out para utilizar en invierno o las noches de verano.

This allows residents to enjoy and enjoy different settings within their home. All bedrooms are located on the top floor, where a living room has been developed that can be transformed into a common bedroom.

As it characterizes us, the projects realized by L3 Architecture stand out for their curious details or to possess aspects that make them unique. In the case of Laguna Blanca, a party room was developed in the subsoil that has a bar, space for Dj that in turn connects with a pool with eyes of Ox that illuminates the space.

Another anecdotal aspect is the construction of a deck that coexists with a roof of water, which was built flooded. This pond was designed and converted into a microclimate, where turtles and aquatic plants coexist, making this a magical and natural space. This beautiful roof is crowned with a linear skylight that accompanies the typology of the house; from the top you can look down and the same from the bottom up.