Sarandí Plaza Premises

Sarandí Plaza arises from the request of a client from abroad who proposes to create flexible commercial premises for integration and that contain the possibility of being merged.

The land, which was characterized by a large front, is located in the center of Maldonado half a block from the square, on the street Sarandí, the main shopping street of the city. Hence his name.

Six commercial premises and a parking lot, located behind the premises, were the result of this project. These have approximately 4 meters of front and a variable depth of 12 to 15 linear meters. It also highlights its flexibility to be unified. This was the most important directive of the client, who pointed out that these can adapt to the commercial demand.

In addition to the above and among the most important requirements of the client were also: the development of important stained glass, good height and front, glazed corners, good marquee and the possibility of development of a mezzanine.

The different tenants were created during the construction and once this was completed. To this day, the Sarandí Plaza complex and its premises are among the most commercially attractive in Maldonado.