20 Street walk

Before being the Paseo Calle 20, in this area used to be located a very famous restaurant called The Cyclist, located in Punta del Este, - in one of the most emblematic corners of the whole peninsula -, conformed by the streets 20 and 27.

It was a project that arose in parallel with the renovation of Calle 20, so from L3 Architecture we tried to maintain the spirit of the street throughout the project. This resulted in a very good integration of the exterior spaces of both constructions.


The proposal by the client consisted of reformulating the whole corner in a commercial walk integrated to the 20th Street with five commercial premises. These premises have subsoil, ground floor and mezzanine.

The important requirements for the construction of the premises were that they had good stained glass, double height, good marquee and outdoor spaces. It was during the process of realization of the project and the work that some of the addressees became concrete.

One of the details that can be highlighted is that the same concept of ride is also replicated in the building located opposite, the building W whose store anchor is Walmer. Both spaces have a connection at urban level that is reflected in the resolution of their façades, the alignments, the canopies, among other aspects.

The combination of both spaces generates a walk from side to side of the street, which is enjoyed by tourists and visitors of the city.