Proa House

The joint project of Casa Proa and L3 Arquitectura is a project with its own history.

Years ago the study had its first contact with the land when visiting at its location: Punta Ballena.

From the outset, it was a challenging project because of the smallness of its width and length, which seemed to prevent building on it.
The terrain, located above a hillside, was characterized by its good view, which had to be exploited to the maximum, while at the same time achieving privacy from the routes given its high traffic.

The objective set by the client was to make a housing there, which would be for sale once completed its construction.
The main challenges were regulatory constraints. On the one hand, in order to maintain the silhouette of the hill, it was only allowed to build a maximum of one meter above. On the other hand, the location of the ground in a corner, forced to withdraw the volume.

These incredible challenges were those that gave rise to the layout of the project that consists of a linear typology, whose access was generated by descending the panoramic route that gives privacy to the house. However, this privacy is also combined with the opening of the front and all its environments, which face the sea. Also, the differences in levels allowed us to make a second level down and towards the sea which later became a gym.

Among the more anecdotal data of the project, we highlight the fact that the stone used to coat the house was obtained through the excavation necessary to build it.

All these aspects make Casa Proa a special and innovative project for L3 Arquitectura, which responds very well to each situation and does not have points of contact with the rest of the projects of our study.

The taste for the final work on the part of the client, determined his decision to choose it for personal use instead of selling it, as had been raised at first.